We are a small Brisbane-based company that mainly focuses on the SMB market.

With 20 years “in the game” both here in Australia and overseas, we provide a no frills/no bullshit service and consultancy for our many varied clients.

Fluent in Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Web technologies, Antivirus, Data Recovery, Security, Audits, Governance, Cloud, Vendor Maintenance, Outsourcing, Remote Computing and Network Administration, we are also specialists in Remote Desktop and Exchange servers.

While we are more than competent in resolving most issues to do with modern networking, these days we find there is more and more demand for advice and governance over the many varied and rapidly changing ITC workspace.

We also have noticed with some dismay that many ITC Sales people have limited or no knowledge about the product they are selling. In some recent experiences, clients are not just “upsold” to solutions that do not fit but have been lied and manipulated to do so.

ITC can be challenging and confusing to the novice. Our aim is to help our clients navigate the often expensive maze that Technology can become.

If you need a team of well-dressed, smooth talking salespeople who will promise you the earth over a cheeky little Pinot Noir, you probably don’t need us. If you have real world problems with your IT infrastructure that just need to be fixed, give us a call.