Networks involve many different technologies and the most important skill of a competent Network engineer is the ability to “think outside the box”. However, to successfully do this, you first need to have a deep understanding of the technologies involved, the suitability to the task at hand, how they interact with existing technology, the comparative cost structure and the final implementation design.

Below are some of the technologies and services we provide.

  • Network Administration (2-200 users)
  • Exchange Administration
  • Network Auditing
  • Cisco programming
  • Project Design and Management
  • Purchasing advice
  • Analytics
  • Vendor selection and maintenance
  • Internet Solutions (including web hosting, site maintenance etc)
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Break/Fix (server and network )
  • Security Auditing
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup Technologies
  • Cloud solutions
  • User Policy design and Maintenance
  • Remote Computing (incl. Satellite technologies)
  • Router and Switch configuration/s
  • Internet Connectivity Solutions(NBN, Fibre, ADSL, Mobile, Satellite, Wireless)
  • Technical advice and consultancy

We prefer to work with Service Level Agreements (SLA) for a fixed period of between 3-12 months. This does not preclude “break/fix” solutions or individual one-off projects. It is more that in our experience, an SLA allows the time to obtain a deep knowledge of your system/s, which in turns helps us to better maintain your infrastructure, give the result you want and lower the overall cost.

Besides our own web hosting services, we are not a vendor of IT hardware or third party services. We are affiliated in some way with most distributors and vendors but we do not get kickbacks or preferential pricing for pushing any one product or brand. We work with you to find the best fit and then we find the best products that will most suit your needs, not necessarily those that give us the biggest reseller margin.

We made this decision at the very start of the company as we put our client’s needs above any particular vendor or brand. It works for us.